How to Send or Receive Payment on BHIM App: The Easiest Way !

Are you looking for how to send or receive money on BHIM app ? Well, here we’ve given the simplest and easiest way of doing it on your mobile phone.

BHIM App is indian govt’s answer to payment wallet services like PayTm & others but many are still looking for how to use the BHIM App .

How to Send Money on BHIM App :

The procedure on How to use BHIM for money transaction is pretty simple,

  • First Download BHIM App from play store
  • Once you installed the app complete the set up process which is nothing but entering your Mobile Number & verify to pull in all your associated bank accounts.
  • Now click ” SEND ” on the main screen
  • Enter Mobile Number or Payment address > verify
  • Enter how much you want to send – Amount & any remarks
  • Click ” PAY ” option on the screen
  • Now, enter your UPI PIN number to complete the transaction / transfer .
  • You’ll see ” You have successfully sent Rs.xx.oo to xxx on the screen.

bhim app,send,receive,money,transferThere is other option to send money to your beloved friend or family who may not have BHIM App installed.

So in that case where the Receiver does have a bank account but not BHIM app installed on their phone, the below procedure might help you.

Just like you Add Payee on your net banking, now you have to ,

  • Add Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • Confirm Account Number
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • click ” SEND “

How to Receive Money on BHIM App?

BHIM download has this feature which allows you to request money from someone who has due to pay you.

This feature is mostly useful for shop owners / merchants who can display QR Code to let customers Pay the bills via BHIM android app .

  • Click ” REQUEST  ” on the homepage
  • Enter Mobile Number or Payment address ( PA )
  • Enter Amount after verification
  • Click ” Request ” to receive money on bhim .

How to Generate QR Code ?

  • On Homepage click > Profile
  • click your account & enter amount to generate QR CODE
  • Display the QR Code to customer who can then SCAN to pay the requested amount.

Things you need to know :

UPI App BHIM is built on the IMPS framework so the transactions do take place in almost real time,

So you won’t face hours of delay in receiving & sending money through BHIM app .

In some cases, the BANK may delay the transactions due to some reasons on some occasional days but as far as BHIM App is concerned there is no delay .

You may check List of BANKS that are supported on BHIM App and don’t be surprised almost all Indian banks are listed on the service so you won’t disappointed.

Official website : Check Here

We’ll keep this updated if there’s any new features added on BHIM App for sending and receiving money .

Also you may expect the BHIM App for iOS devices very soon in the upcoming weeks in 2017 .