BHIM vs PayTM: Which is Best Online Payment App in India 2017

BHIM vs Paytm

In India there were many apps available for transferring and receiving money but what brings the launch of a new app to highlights is that the new app which is named BHIM is a government of India initiative for its citizens.

The app has gained popularity in a very few days after its launch and it has overtaken top apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, MyJio and Facebook in terms of downloads.

In fact BHIM is now ranking #1 on Google Play Store with more than 5 million downloads within few days of its launch and the numbers are growing at incredible rate, all these numbers will go even higher when iOS version of BHIIM released on Appstore in next few days.

bhim vs paytmThe app which was launched in Digi Dhan Mela has left behind a number of top apps and is the number one app in India at present. The app allows the citizen of India to make payments using the app directly from their bank accounts.

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However a question may arise that there are already so many apps available online which are designed for making payments then why a new one. Well, the answer to this question is very simple.

BHIM vs PayTM: Best Mobile Payment App ?

If compared to apps like Paytm which is one of the most popular apps for making payments then there are various privileges which one can get with BHIM app over Paytm. Below is a jest of points that will prove that BHIM app is better than Paytm and people should go for BHIM app:

  1. Paytm is similar to an e-wallet where as BHIM is not just an e-wallet but a way to access your bank accounts from anywhere at any time.
  2. You don’t have to add money to your BHIM app as it is your virtual bank account or bank account in phone so you can make payments directly through your bank account.
  3. Using BHIM form your phone has various ways such as using your phone number if your bank supports UPI, through IFSC code, through MMID, and unique QR codes where as Paytm ask for your phone number or e- mail address to use it.
  4. You can also avail all the services of BHIM offline by just dialing *99# USSD code where as Paytm works only when you are online.
  5. Downloading and installing BHIM is incredibly easy compared to Paytm.
  6. BHIM is more secure than Paytm because all the transactions made between banks and Paytm is done through gateways which have their own security system which is safe and no hack attempts or other unsafe measures have been heard but BHIM has three-step verification.
  7. First verification is between the app and the phone, second verification is between the app and the bank and the third verification is between the bank and the phone. So BHIM is also secure.
  8. Since BHIM comes with the Government of India tag so the reliability and trust over the app automatically increases.
  9. BHIM works on UPI so if anything goes wrong you can always contact your bank.
  10. BHIM takes lesser time compared to Paytm for resolving issues.

Lastly, BHIM can transfer money directly to bank accounts and people who don’t have BHIM mobile app on their phone can receive money directly on their bank account where as to receive or transfer money both the parties need to have the app.