BHIM APK for Android Download: New Features,How to Use it For Transactions!

BHIM App for android available for download from Google Play store and BHIM for iOS to be released very soon by Indian govt on App store.

It has got lots of new improvements in terms of usability as well as new features are also added to BHIM app that you can download & try yourself.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced today on December 30th, 2016 the BHIM App to the nation and asks citizens to use the app in the time of cash demand because of demonitization.

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What is BHIM APP ?

BHIM – Bharat Interface for Money is a payment app that Indian citizens can use to send / receive money in just two clicks.

How to Download BHIM App ?

Anyone with Android phone can download BHIM app from Google play store for free just like you do install any other android apps.

BHIM APP Download Link : Google Play Store

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Features of BHIM App :

  • Enter your Mobile Number to Add all your associated Bank Accounts
  • It works with UPI ( Unified Payment Interface ) of Aadhar linked bank accounts only
  • Set UPI Pin to authenticate Payment transactions
  • Send / Receive Money with just your mobile number ( PA )
  • Money can also be sent to Non UPI bank using IFSC and MMID
  • Check Balance of any of the attached bank
  • Create custom Payment address in addition to your phone number
  • QR Code to collect money( merchant ) or Pay ( customer )

How to Check Balance on BHIM App ?

Just go to¬†Bank Account of your choice if you’ve linked multiple bank accounts, tap on ” Request Balance ” to know your¬†account balance instantly.

How does QR Code works on BHIM APP ?

Just like how it works on PayTm wallet app, merchants using BHIM App can print the QR Code and paste it at their counter to collect money via app.

Meanwhile, the customer just need to scan the merchant’s QR Code on their BHIM App which will quickly show the amount to be paid, and the user just authenticate to complete the payment .

It all happens in just two clicks.

What is transaction charge on BHIM App ?

No. There’s no transaction charge you need to pay on using BHIM app .

So unlike other apps like Paytm, BHIM doesn’t charge you with additional charges in addition to Bank’s charge .

Just like online transaction password for netbanking, BHIM app requires / gives you UPI PIN which is a 4 digit number you need to enter to authenticate the transaction .

You can change the UPI pin number whenever you want and you should do that often in order to keep it secure .

BHIM App for iOS Download

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